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Featured Student: Alexandra Parisot '18

The featured student for this fall is Alexandra Parisot, a chemical engineering major from Dearborn, MI.

Alex has worked as a co-op student for five work terms at Inteva Products. For Alex’s first rotation she worked a double term at Inteva’s Vandalia, Ohio, Technical Center — first in the Materials Engineering Group and then in the Industrial Engineering Department. Her second rotation, again in Vandalia, was another double term working in Inteva’s Quality Group and then in the Prototype/Product Group. For her fifth and final term, Alex worked at Inteva’s headquarters in Troy, MI, in the Cut/Sew/Wrap Manufacturing Group developing next generation parts for the Corvette program.

Alex has gained valuable experience through her multiple work terms. Reflecting on these work terms, Alex states, “In general, being able to attack certain tasks without fear of embarrassing myself has come from more experience throughout my work terms, where I am surrounded by people who want to see their workers thrive."

Alex shared the following insight on experiential learning through cooperative education: “Undergraduate learning is not knowledge one uses every day, but rather represents an approach that can be applied in various work situations. Taking high-level concepts and breaking them down into pieces that are more manageable is something I use at work.”

This fall Alex returns to the UD campus for her final fifth year. She is excited to apply her work knowledge to her senior capstone project.

Upon graduation, she hopes to transition into a full-time employee with Inteva and is currently pursuing openings at the Vandalia Technical Center.

Good luck Alex!

—Mary Harbach, School of Engineering Cooperative Education

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