Early Work Term Questionnaire

    This form supplies information early in each new work term that we need to support our continuing job placement. Your answers should be frank, complete and responsible. All individual information supplied is confidential although information on salaries, etc. is used in the aggregate for reports required by the University administration to whom we are required to report. The information you give on this form enables us to make necessary mailings to the correct address and is a requirement for each work term.

    During Christmas break, students living in Virginia Kettering Hall, Marycrest, Marianist Hall, Founders, Stuart, Lawnview Apartments and Campus South are required to vacate their housing. In some cases, these students have difficulty in finding a place to stay during that time. If you will not have to move out during Christmas break and would be willing to share your housing with another co-op student during that time, please indicate YES here.

    * Are you willing to share housing during Christmas break with a co-op?
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