Student Agreement Form

    The goal of our Cooperative Education Program is to assist you in finding a job that will expose you to the career you plan to pursue. The University will provide opportunities for you to interview for available positions. The University will also work with you to help you prepare for interviews and to be "job ready." Employment, however, depends primarily upon your qualifications, interests and jobs available in your academic major.

    Because of the great amount of time and money spent by both the University and the employers in locating and providing suitable jobs, it is necessary that you be committed to the Cooperative Education Program and its rules and regulations as stated in the University of Dayton Cooperative Education Student Handbook.

    MAJOR STUDENT COMMITMENTS:  1)  maintain appropriate academic standing as a full-time student; 2)  register in the co-op work term course prior to each work term; 3) during each work term: complete and return an Early Work Term Questionnaire, prepare a written report on work experience, have a post work-term interview with a co-op advisor after the first work term; 4)  carry out the approved work/study calendar with employer; 5) perform satisfactorily on the job.

    By submitting this form, I authorize the Cooperative Education Program at the University of Dayton to release to any prospective employer for interview purposes, and to my employer once I am employed, that part of my academic record having to do with courses completed and courses presently enrolled, final grades earned for such completed courses, and my cumulative grade point average through the last semester completed.

    I have read the Handbook, and I understand the requirements of the Cooperative Education Program. I agree to follow all policies regarding the fulfillment of the requirements of a Cooperative Education student, such agreement to become effective upon acceptance of first work placement.

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