Journal Articles

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Paper Published in Conference Proceedings

  • Sandhu, S., & Fellner, J. P. (2015). Characterization of iron phthalocyanine as the cathode active material for lithium-ion batteries. (pp. 21 slides). Austin, TX: The AIChE 2015 Spring National Meeting. Retrieved from See the AIChE 2015 Spring National Meeting Online Proceedings, Paper Number 194b, Session: Advances in Fuel Cells and Batteries 1.

Invited Lectures

  • Comfort, K. K. (2015, August). The need for nanomaterial evaluation in a physiologically relevant model: Connecting environmental variables and NM behavior to toxicological responses. Presented at the 4th Global Summit on Toxicology, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Lafdi, K. (2015). Carbon nanotechnologie: University of Mohammadia, Morocco.
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  • Lafdi, K. (2015, October 28-29). Nano, the key technology for multifunctional composites. International Symposium on Nanotechnologies: Research, Innovation and Economic Challenges - Casablanca, Morocco on October 28 and 29.


  • Vasquez, E., Duggan, E., Metcalf, J., Kundu, S. & Walters, K. B. (2015, November). 435319 Surface and Rheological Effects of Mucus/Mucin Coupled with Chitosan-Coated Gold Nanoparticles. Presented at the 2015 AIChE Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT.


  • Ciric, A. R., Robota, H. J. & Letellier, F. (2015, October). An initial assessment of water’s potential impact in an intensified Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process based on microchannel reactors. Presented at the ESCRE, Fürstenfeldbruck Germany.
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  • Comfort, K. K. (2015, November). Generation of Complex in Vitro Systems for Improved Evaluation of Nanoparticle-Induced Bioresponses. Presented at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Comfort, K. K. (2015, November). Modulation of the Protein Corona, Deposition Efficiency, and the Nano-Bio Interface Under Physiologically Relevant Conditions. Presented at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Sandhu, S., Fellner, J. P. (2015, April). Characterization of Iron Phthalocyanine as the Cathode Active Material. Presented at the AIChE 2015 Spring National Meeting, Austin, TX.
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  • Comfort, D. (2015, October). Changing the Faculty Student Advising Paradigm with Academic Coaching. Presented at the KEEN Fall Meeting.

Sponsored Research

  • Browning, C. E., Ohio Research Scholar in Materials. State of Ohio, State, $4,500,000.00.
  • Browning, C. E. (2015 - Present), Cyber Security. Clarkson Aerospace, Private, $210,000.00.
  • Browning, C. E. (2013 - Present), Minority Leaders. Clarkson Aerospace, Private, $2,000,000.00.
  • Browning, C. E. (2009 - Present), Aligned Carbon Nanotubes for Efficient Energy Generation and Storage Devices. AFOSR, Federal, $75,000.00.
  • Browning, C. E. (2011 - 2016), Center of Excellence in STEM and STEM Education. Central State University, State, $342,497.00.
  • Asari, V. K., Skill, T. D., Wu, S.-Y., Browning, C. E. & Sarangan, A. M. (2013 - 2015), CC-NIE Network Infrastructure: Network 10Gb Upgrade and Science DMZ Implementation to Support Science and Engineering Research and Enhance Outreach for High School STEM Education. National Science Foundation (NSF), Federal, $232,788.00.
  • Ciric, A. R. & Reid, J. (2014 - 2015), Chemical Engineering Entrepreneurial Laboratory. Kern Family Foundation, Private, $25,175.00.
  • Comfort, K. K., Comfort, D. (2015 - 2016), •Development of Entrepreneurially Minded Engineers through Academic Coaching. KEEN, Private, $42,980.00.
  • Comfort, K. K. (2014 - 2015), Development of an Enhanced Cellular Microenvironment for Improved Evaluation of Nanoparticle Bioeffects. Dayton Area Graduate Studies Institute, Local, $57,528.00.
  • Lafdi, K. (2015), Integrated Fluorescence & scanning probe, NSF 278K.
  • Lafdi, K. (2015), Novel Carbon Multifunctional Materials, ONR Funding amount 279K.
  • Lafdi, K. (2015), Conductive Network Parachute Fabrics; Army-STTR, Funding amount 25K.
  • Lafdi, K. (2015), Corrosion coating Inhibitors of metals : ECOSIL-STTR, Funding amount 36K.
  • Lafdi, K. (2015), Characterization of electrical brushes: Morgan Advanced Materials, Funding amount 14K.
  • Lafdi, K. (2015), Processing Comp/Nanocomposites with integrated sensors: ENSTA, University of Brest, France, Funding amount 48K.
  • Lafdi, K. (2015), Thermo-mechanical properties of insulators: American, Funding amount 8K.
  • Lee, C. W. (2012 - 2016), CHATEM. AFRL / UDRI, Federal, $140,000.00.
  • Lee, C. W. (2010 - 2015), Composite, Hybrid, and Thermally Engineered Materials. AFRL/UDRI  67.5% time (2013), Federal.
  • Lee, C. W. (2010 - 2015), Composite, Hybrid, and Thermally Engineered Materials. AFRL, Federal.
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Pictured: Dr. Kristen Comfort research image of human, lung co-culture under dynamic flow following exposure to silver nanoparticles.
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