Past Theses 2014-2004


Evaluation of holographic  reconstruction techniques for use in one-short multi-angle holographic tomography.
Hipeng Liu, Aug-14, Advisor: Partha Banerjee

Propagation Dynamics of Spatial Temporal Wave Packets.
Qian Cao, Aug-14, Advisor: Andy Chong

Noninterferometric Tomographic Reconstruction of 3D static and dynamic Amplitude, and Phase Objects.
Sarvenaz Memarzadeh, Aug-14, Advisor: Partha Banerjee

Effects of Different Wetting Layers on the Growth of Smooth Ultra-Thin Silver Thin Films.
Chuan Ni, Aug-14, Advisor: Andrew Sarangan

Wet Etching Tapered Optical Fibers to Sub-Micron Diameters for Sensing Application.
Ziruo Cui, May-14, Advisor: Joe Haus/Perter Powers

Analysis for the Feasibility for a Mobile Sodium Guidestar System.
Steven Zuraski, May-14, Advisor: Steven Fiorino

Characterzing Phase Noise for Beam Steering Devices.
Shane Gillespie, May-14, Advisor: Joe Haus


Numerical study on the characteristics of metal-insulator-metal diode integrated with spiral optical antenna.
Zhijun Yang, Dec-13, Advisor: Qiwen Zhan

Analysis of Joint Effects of Refraction and Turbulence on Laser Beam Propagation in the Atmosphere.
David Bricker, Dec-13, Advisor: Mikhail Vorontsov

Phase Noise Analysis of 3D Images from a Two Wavelength Coherent Imaging System.
Benjamin Dapore, Aug-13, Advisor: Joe Haus

Ladar: A mono static system for Sense and Avoid Applications.
Cullen Bradley, May-13, Advisor: Joe Haus

Study of Metal Insulator Metal for Photodetection.
Li Li, May-13,  Advisor: Joe Haus

Evanescent & Plasmonic Sensing Using Linear & Radial Polarization Modes in Tapered Microfibers.
Ighodalo Idehenre, May-13, Advisor: Joe Haus


Signal to noise ratio effects on Aperture Synthesis for Digital Holographic Ladar.
Maureen Crotty, Dec-12, Advisor: Ed Watson

Optical Tweezers using Cylindrical Vector Beams.
Chenchen Wan, Dec-12, Advisor: Qiwen Zhan

Wavefront Control with Realistic Spatial Light Modulator in a Multi-Aperture Imager.
Wu, Guimin, Dec-12, Advisor: Paul McManamon

Propagation of Gaussian Beams Through A Modified Von Karman Power Spectrum.
Erica Whitfield, Dec-12, Advisor: Partha Banerjee

Seeded, Gain‐Switched Chromium Doped Zinc Selenide Amplifier.
Sean McDaniel, Aug-12, Advisor: Peter Powers

Sensor Hardening Through Translation of the Detector From the Focal Plane.
Marc Finet, Aug-12 Advisor: Russell Hardie

Demonstrated Resolution Enhancement Capability of a Stripmap Holographic Aperture Ladar System.
Samuel Veneable, May-12, Advisor: Bradley Duncan

Doppler Shift Analysis for a Holographic Aperture Ladar System.
Ross Bobb, May-12, Advisor: Matt Dierking


Talbot Imaging in multi-mode optical fibers with periodic multiple sub-apertures.
Long Wang, Dec-11, Advisor: Joe Haus

Transfer Matrix approach to Propagation of Angular Plane Wave Spectra through metamaterial multilayer structures.
Han Li, Dec-11, Advisor: Partha Banerjee

An Evaluation of the Effects of the Ability to Measure Piston on Multi-aperture Spatial Heterodyne Systems.
Jeffrey Kraczek, Dec-11, Advisor: Paul McManamon

Theoretical and Experimental Study of Terahertz Modeling.
Chen Ye, Dec-11, Advisor: Peter Powers

Generation and Detection of Coherent Pulse Trains in Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate through Optical Parametric Amplification.
Dayen Voratovic, Dec-11, Advisor: Peter Powers

Longwave-IR Optical Parametric Oscillator in Orientation Patterned Gallium Arsenide.
Ryan Feaver, Dec-11, Advisor: Peter Powers

Analysis of Atmospheric Turbulence Effects on Laser Beam Propagation using Multi-wavelength Laser Beacons.
Joseph Reierson, Dec-11, Advisor: Mikhail Vorontsov

Speckle Statistics of Articulating Objects.
Dallis Conrad, Dec-11, Advisor: Ed Watson

Ion Implementation Study of Be & in InSb for Protodiode Fabrication.
Joshua Duran, Aug-11, Advisor: Andrew Sarangan

Stretch Processing of Simultaneous, Segmented Bandwidth Linear Frequency Modulation in Coherent Ladar.
Robert Brown, May-11, Advisor: Peter Powers

Diode-Pumped 2Micron Q-Switched TM: YAG Microchip Laser.
Charles Phelps, May-11, Advisor: Peter Powers


Wave Propagation Through Multilayer Metallo Dielectric: Application to Super Resolution.
Jean Bosco Serushema Aug-10 Advisor: Joseph Haus

Rapid Beam switching of an ND:YAG Laser using domain Engineered Prisms in 5 MOL% Magnesium-Oxide Doped Congruent Lithium Niobate.
Jonathan Evans Aug-10 Advisor: Peter Powers

High Power Fiber Laser Development and Applications. 
Renjie Zhou May-10 Advisor: Qiwen Zhan / Joseph Haus

The Growth of Columnar Thin Films and their Characterization within the Visible and Near Infrared Spectral Bands. 
Benjamin Booso May-10 Advisor: Andrew Sarangan

Sparse Frequency, Linearly Frequency Modulated Laser Radar Signal Modeling and Doppler Processing. 
Eric Bailey May-10 Advisor: Peter Powers

Investigation of Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulators to Simulate Seckle Fields. 
Jared Cordray May-10 Advisor: Edward Watson


Transmissive Beam Steering Through Electrowetting Microprism Arrays. 
Wei Han Dec-09 Advisor: Joseph Haus

Improving Mid-Frequency Contrast in Sparse Aperture Optical Imaging Systems Based upon the Golay-N Family of Arrays. 
Andrew Stokes Dec-09 Advisor: Bradley Duncan

Perturbation Analysis and Experimental Demonstration of Holographic Aperture Ladar Systems. 
Jason Stafford Dec-09 Advisor: Bradley Duncan

Propagation of Vortex Beam Through A Turbulent Atmosphere. 
Wen Cheng Dec-09 Advisor: Qiwen Zhan

Novel Optical Components for Non-Mechanical Beam Steering. 
Katherine Drain Aug-09 Advisor: Qiwen Zhan

Sparse Frequency Linearly Frequency Modulated Laser Radar Signal Generation, Detection and Processing. 
Robert Chimenti May-09 Advisor: Peter Powers


A Scanning Microscope Platform for High Resolution Nonlinear Imaging and Laser Direct Writing. 
Shuangyang Yang Dec-08 Advisor: Qiwen Zhan / Peter Powers

Fluorescence Enhancement Using one Dimensional Photonic Band Gap Multi-Layer Structure. 
Jian Gao Dec-08 Advisor: Qiwen Zhan

Theoretical and Experimental Study of Terahertz Wave Generation Via Optical Rectification. 
Wenzao Li Aug-08 Advisor: Peter Powers / Qiwen Zhan

Restoration of Imagery from Incoherently Illuminated Imaging Systems with Modeled Point Spread functions and Wiener Filters. 
Mark Burky Aug-08 Advisor: Russell Hardie

Novel Wiregrid Micropolarizers for Infrared Imaging Polarimetry. 
Zhi Wu Aug-08 Advisor: Qiwen Zhan / Andrew Sarangan

Modulation Instabilities in Media with Relaxational Nonlinearities and Applications to Optical Limiting in a Photonic Bandgap Structure. 
Xue Liu May-08 Advisor: Peter Powers

A comparative study of SIO2 Thin Film Deposition Techniques and the Fabrication of Unltr Low Refractive Index Nano-Porous Si02 Thin Film. 
Mengshu Pan May-08 Advisor: Andrew Sarangan / Qiwen Zhan

Nonlinear Materials Characterization With Femtosecond Laser Pulses. 
Geoffrey Jenkins May-08 Advisor: Peter Powers

Characterization of Periodically Poled Nonlinear Materials Using Digital Image Processing. 
James Alverson May-08 Advisor: Peter Powers

Characterization of Nonlinear Optical Properties of Semiconductor Materials. 
Vincent Cowan May-08 Advisor: Peter Powers


Sub-Nanosecond Infrared Optical Parametric Pulse Generation in Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate Pumped by a Seeded Fiber Amplifier. 
Matthew Cocuzzi Dec-07 Advisor: Peter Powers

Effects of Spatial Modes on Ladar Vibration Signature Estimation. 
Douglas Jameson Aug-07 Advisor: Bradley Duncan

Monte Carlo Simulation of Tree Canopy Scattering and Propagation. 
Michael Greiner May-07 Advisor: Bradley Duncan

Continuous Wave Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate Bowtie Ring Optical Parametric Oscillator. 
Sean Kelley May-07 Advisor: Peter Powers

Optical Sparse Aperture Imaging. 
Nicholas Miller May-07 Advisor: Bradley Duncan

The Design and Fabrication of High Performance Optical Interference Filters for the Mid-Infrared Region. 
Emily Fehrman May-07 Advisor: Andrew Sarangan


Designing and Testing a Nulling Radially Symmetric Microellipsometer. 
Alain Tschimwang Dec-06 Advisor: Qiwen Zhan

Distinction Between Deterministic and Random Beam Fanning in PhotoRefractive Materials. 
Arun Venkataraman Aug-06 Advisor: Partha Banerjee

Nonlinear Effects in Bulk Optical Materials Interacting with Femtosecond Laser Pulses. 
Paul Noffke May-06 Advisor: Peter Powers

Characterization of the Temperature Dependence of the Index of Refraction and the Thermo-optic Coefficient for Infrared Materials. 
Christopher DiRocco May-06 Advisor: Peter Powers

Resonant Polymer Devices for Electro-Optic Modulation and Sensing. 
Brad Birchfield May-06 Advisor: Joseph Haus


Metallo-Dielectric Photonic Band Gap Structures Fabricated Using RF Magnetron Sputtering Technology. 
Cijy Sunny Dec-05 Advisor: Andrew Sarangan

Development and Comparison of Ultra Sensitive Optical Absorption Spectroscopy Techniques Employing High-Finesse Optical Cavities. 
Saffar Arjmandi Dec-05 Advisor: Bradley Duncan

Thermal Lens Mitigation and Modeling of Chromium-Doped Zinc Selenide Laser Sources. 
Patrick Berry May-05 Advisor: Peter Powers

Fabrication and Characterization of Slab Waveguide Based Biosensors. 
Sreelakshmi Talluri May-05 Advisor: Andrew Sarangan

Fabrication and Direct Comparison of Periodically-Poled Materials for MID-IR Generation. 
Eric Vershure May-05 Advisor: Peter Powers


An Imaging Technique for Single-Pulse Measurements of Molecular Density Profiles in Flame and Gas Flows. 
Janna Orendorff Dec-04 Advisor: Perry Yaney

The Study of Pulsed Collinear Amplification in Coumarin 500 Methanol Dye Solution.
Vanessa Williamson Dec-04 Advisor: Perry Yaney

Large Angle Bends in Grating Waveguides. 
Saikiran Tiramareddy Dec-04 Advisor: Andrew Sarangan

A Dual-Laser-Ultrasonic,Nondestructive Evaluation System for Imaging Surface-Breaking Cracks in Aerospace Materials. 
Adam Cooney Dec-04 Advisor: Joseph Haus

Bidirectional Reflance Distribution Function and Its Relation to Surface Roughness and Gloss. 
Amber Anderson Dec-04 Advisor: Joseph Haus

Improved Performance of Leds Using Shadow Mask Deposition of Non-Planar Dielectrics. 
Sarah Beth Blickenstaff Dec-04 Advisor: Andrew Sarangan

Design & Application of a High-Speed Shack-Hartmann Wave-Front Sensor. 
Jeffery James Widiker May-04 Advisor: Bradley Duncan


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