Welcome to the Global Manufacturing Systems Engineering Technology Program!

Today's global economy has increasingly become borderless and is dominated by multinational companies. This requires tomorrow's engineers to be able to work efficiently in multicultural teams. The Global Manufacturing Systems Engineering Technology program creates a new type of global engineer and answers industry's demand. Our program gives you the competitive advantage in today's market place.

We have state-of-the-art technology to plan, design and implement the tools and machines needed to produce high quality products at competitive prices. Throughout the program, important concepts of lean enterprise, global competitiveness, green engineering concepts and customer satisfaction will be applied.

The curriculum is highly interdisciplinary, since the manufacturing professional must possess extensive technical skills and excellent humanistic skills in communications, computers, teamwork, information technology, globalism and multiculturalism.

The technical courses emphasize engineering materials and manufacturing processes; mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic automation and electronic controls; computer integrated manufacturing; manufacturing planning and control; extensive laboratory experiences; the technical sciences and applied mathematics from college algebra, probability, statistics, calculus, and linear programming.

The curriculum contains strong components from the humanities, social sciences, and communications, plus foreign language and multicultural requirements. The technical electives allow the student versatility in developing technical breadth or depth. The program is designed to prepare graduates for challenging careers in manufacturing and serves as an excellent foundation for a variety of advanced degree options.

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