Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology, Industrial Engineering Technology

Learn to lead.

Industrial Engineering Technology Program provides specialized education to prepare students for management and technical staff positions in manufacturing and service organizations such as healthcare, banking, transportation, food service, and government. Graduates may be involved in the economic selection and location of equipment, the planning of work methods and expected output, quality assurance, facilities layout, and scheduling and controlling the flow of materials.

Career Outlook

  • Our Cooperative Education program allows students to work with companies such as AO Smith, Honda, Toyota, Fujitec, Battelle, YSI, LexisNexis and Naval Research Laboratories.
  • A degree that makes you competitive in today's job market
  • State-of-the-art laboratory facilities
  • Professors respected by scholars worldwide

Plan of Study

University Catalog for Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology, Industrial Engineering Technology

Our curriculum emphasizes courses in work measurement, planning and control of lean processes, human factors, safety, facilities layout design and simulation, economic and financial analysis, statistical process control, management of projects and global technical organizations, cost estimating and cost control, and mathematical decision-making.

Areas of Emphasis 

The University of Dayton's undergraduate engineering technology program has a variety of minors available that allow you to explore your area of interest. 


Program Details

There is more than one way to start an engineering career, and engineering technology may be the pathway for you. The industrial engineering technology program prepares you to work in both manufacturing and service industries in areas such as operations, production, quality and services. You will learn to increase productivity, improve the quality of products or services, decrease the costs to provide products or services and make the workplace safer for employees. To develop cross-functional skills and prepare you for success in this adaptable field, the curriculum includes a strong emphasis on industrial systems and technical courses from related fields.

By learning about lean management methods, motion and time study, plant layout, quality assurance and supervision, you will be prepared to work in jobs related to the management and operation of modern manufacturing or service industries.

To ensure you are able to focus on the big picture and can express yourself effectively, you will also take a variety of courses in computers, mathematics, the humanities, and the social and natural sciences.

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