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Recently recognized for his social advocacy by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Dr. Charles Browning, at the University of Dayton, is also the Torley Endowed Chair in Composite Materials Engineering and the chair of the School of Engineering Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering.

SWE honored Browning for making inclusion a core workplace value, for taking the initiative to build diversity and for creating vital success paths and processes for women. 

At the University, Browning is also the principal investigator and program manager for the Minority Leaders Program (MLP), which is dedicated to increasing diversity in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.

From the University's MLP program to the chemical and materials department, Browning leads by example through his diligent, long-standing efforts for inclusivity in higher education and job placement.

School of Engineering Innovation Center

Engineering Success

A program for minority students that boasts research opportunities.


Intelligence Decisions

U.S. Air Force and Clarkson Aerospace help students interested in nanotechnology, analysis and intelligence fields get head starts in their careers.

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As dean of the School of Engineering, I am privileged to watch our students growing into engineers dedicated to a better world for us all. At the University of Dayton, we're committed to supporting student success by providing opportunities that connect learning, research and scholarship with leadership and service — the Catholic, Marianist tradition.

With our shared knowledge, we can continue to transform engineering education to prepare our students for even greater success.

Eddy Rojas
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Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Dr. Charles Browning, Chairperson

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