Minority Engineering Program

Peer-supported. Success through collaboration.

The Minority Engineering Program (MEP) at the University of Dayton offers underrepresented minority engineering students an arena to build community, collaborate and take an active role in their growth as aspiring engineering professionals.

Students can:

  • Engage in a summer residential program.
  • Participate in workshops for academic success.
  • Focus on professional development at bi-weekly workshops.
  • Collaborate with upperclass MEP students at study tables.
  • Enroll with MEP peers in the same math, chemistry and physics courses.
  • Engage in peer-to-peer mentoring.
  • Receive individual advising with the MEP director.

African American, Asian American, Hispanic American and Native American students find peer support, academic rigor and professional networking that equip them with the skills and relationships for academic success as well as professional success as future engineers.



Students in MEP who maintain University scholarship academic standards receive a yearly scholarship.

Minority Leaders Program

Additional scholarship, research and internship opportunities may be available through the Minority Leaders Program (MLP).  University faculty engage in undergraduate research activities and serve as mentors to students in MLP, and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) provides internships. 

Minority STEM Summer Bridge Program

Through the Minority STEM Summer Bridge Program, incoming minority first-year students majoring in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) can get a head start on their University of Dayton experience. There is no cost to attend, and all meals, housing and activities are included. Students are responsible for transportation to and from campus. Click here to read what our past participants have said about the program. (PDF)


Minority Engineering Program, Gerica Brown, Assistant Director

Kettering Laboratories 261 C 
300 College Park 
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0227