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Women Engineering Program

The University of Dayton Women Engineering Program (WEP), recruits female students who have an inner desire to use their skills to shape the future and better the present world. Engineers are creative problem solvers essential for our health, happiness and safety. WEP encourages young female students to take a leading role in engineering careers to address the problems in our society. Our program ensures an ambience of engagement, curiosity, discovery and personal growth.

  • Provide information about scholarship, research and job (internship/co-op/full-time) opportunities.
  • Provide volunteer opportunities that encourage middle school and high school female students to be interested in engineering degrees and careers.
  • Establish a networking and communicating system between starting engineering majors, faculty members, and upperclassmen.
  • Foster a dynamic environment that encourages the personal and professional development of all engineering students.
  • Engage women engineers in an active environment where they can attain their full potential.

Activities. Service.

Brooke Sroczynski and SWE President
Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

An extra-curricular, professional society where you'll meet other women engineers (professionals and students) — attend socials, volunteer and participate in professional development opportunities.

WEP and SWE co-sponsor the following events:

  • Girl Scout Aerospace Badge Day
  • Professional speakers
  • Regional and national conferences
  • Speed mentoring — with professionals, offered each semester
  • Mentoring program 

Visit our websites: National SWE Website and University of Dayton SWE Chapter for current events.

Phi Sigma Rho

A chance to get involved in Greek life! Phi Sigma Rho is a national social sorority for women in engineering and engineering technology. Participate in campus activities within the social Greek system. The sisters of Phi Sigma Rho volunteer for community service projects and philanthropies, including the Girl Scouts of America and the American Cancer Society.

Visit our website: University of Dayton Phi Sigma Rho


Welcome Back WEP Chocolate Party

Welcome Back Chocolate Party — start a fun and exciting semester and learn about upcoming WEP events.  New and returning female engineering students join us and learn about new opportunities on campus while enjoying fruits, pretzels, and more, all dipped in chocolate. 

Dinners with Women Engineers (once each semester) — Join professional women engineers for an informal dinner. A great chance to meet working engineering professionals, talk about careers in engineering — and ask questions!

Professional Speakers — Scheduled at various times throughout the semester. Come listen to topics of interest for women engineering students.

Speed Mentoring — with Professionals (offered each semester) — "Speed Networking" (modeled after speed dating). Enjoy a fun and unique way to connect with mentors in the University of Dayton Society of Women Engineers' (SWE) community in a short period of time — practice your networking skills and connect.

Girl Scout Aerospace Badge Day — Hosted by WEP and SWE, you can volunteer at the Girl Scout Badge Day and become a positive engineering role model for young girls.  Fifty fourth grade girls visit campus and participate in engineering related hands-on projects.

Women in Engineering Summer Camp — University women engineering students are encouraged to apply as camp counselors for this six-day residential camp that introduces high school women to career opportunities in engineering. Participants experience engineering through classroom activities, participatory experiments, visits to industries, and contacts with women engineers. Visit the Women in Engineering Summer Camp Website


Diversity Programs

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