ETHOS Semester Breakouts

ETHOS semester breakouts are a great introduction to the ETHOS program. Students will spend a weekend with one of our domestic partners working on sustainable and appropriate hands-on projects for the U.S. All students are eligible to apply for these breakouts. Please see the specific breakout opportunities below for more information.

Blue Rock Station Breakout

Blue Rock Station (BRS) is a sustainable homestead in Philo, Ohio focusing on simplicity and treading lightly on the earth. Weekends at BRS will allow students the opportunity to experience life in a more sustainable way through work, learning, and meals. This year, the breakout will be centered around a basic photovoltaic (PV) training course and building a solar generator. 

Dates: October 24-26, 2014

Cost: $90/ student (includes transportation, housing, food, and course fees)

Students attending this PV course and breakout will:

  • Learn about the parts and functions of a typical PV system
  • Learn how to perform load analysis and sizing for solar arrays and battery banks 
  • Completely assemble a simple PV system
  • Learn how to integrate wind turbines and other power systems into the PV system
  • Receive a PV installation study guide 
  • Be exposed to other renewable and sustainable technologies at Blue Rock Station
  • Participate in a series of discussions on ideas and values in sustainable living

The application for the Blue Rock Station Breakout is now open. Click here for ETHOS Blue Rock Station Breakout Form >>

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