Woodford Hill, Dominica

    Located in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean, Dominica was a new location for ETHOS as of 2014. A partnership was formed between ETHOS and Dominica’s Manufacturers Association (DMA), a collection of manufacturers whose mission is “Building the Wealth of the Nation through Sustainable Employment.” The DMA funds and supports various projects across the island to spark growth in the economy and provide employment for those in need.  


    In 2014, the first group of students worked with the Believer’s Multipurpose Cooperative (BMC) in their small-scale virgin coconut oil facility. The focus of their work centered around optimization of the process and improving the overall yield of virgin coconut oil. One big challenge is the amount of waste currently being produced from this process, which includes coconut water, coconut shells and dried coconut meat. The students designed and conducted several experiments to find a use for byproducts and to improve the daily yield of oil. The major breakthrough occurred when the ratio of coconut milk to water was altered. The challenge awaiting the next group in 2015 will be to find a way to both speed up and improve the filtration of the oil.

    Project Poster: Virgin Coconut Oil Extraction


    "The technical work that we, as college students, were able to accomplish was extremely significant and taught us how to not only be better engineers, but to work in an unfamiliar place. The friendships we made and kept as well as the benefits from the summer will stay with me and the rest of the group forever, shaping who we are and what we become.”

    - Mariana Lopes, 2014 ETHOS participant, Dominica

    “I consider the ETHOS program to be one of the best experiences available to college students. After my immersion, I will not be able to take on a challenge or project without considering the global effect it will have. This experience not only sets you apart as an engineer from your peers, but it is life changing and will allow you to grow as an individual in ways you did not know were even possible.”

    - Thomas Bennett, 2014 ETHOS participant, Dominica

    Photos from El Cortijo

    2008 Team in Traditional Dress
    Traveling to the Village
    2008 Team Transporting Pipe
    2008 Team Laying Piping
    Jungle Catchment Area
    Locals Using New Water System
    A House in the Village
    2008 Team Assembling Mold for Filters
    2008 Team Filling Mold
    2008 Team with their Completed FIlters
    2013 Team with the Local Children
    Assembled Bio-Sand Filter Mold
    2013 Team Working with the Filter Mold
    2013 Team with the Locals
    2013 After a long day's work
    Typical Food At a Market
    Cameroonian Woman Preparing Food
    Having Fun with the Locals
    Cured Bio-sand Filters
    Local Children by the FIlters