Auroville, India

Daniel, Andrea, and Grant spent 11 weeks in Auroville, India and worked on two different projects. The goal of Andrea and Grant’s project was to build a delta 3d printer to reduce time and labor costs for large construction projects. The team completed additional projects including building grates for storage, designing and raising a heat-protecting tarp over the workshop, and expanding the workspace. 

Project Highlight: Printing Houses in Auroville, India

The University of Dayton ETHOS program sent two students to Auroville India. They worked with Minvayu, an organization who primarily deals with developing and implementing wind turbines for irrigation and power consumption. They were tasked to build a 3d delta printer to reduce time and labor costs for large construct projects. All parts of the printer were designed and built during their time there including: columns, extruder, carriage system, and the rail system. Once completed, the printer will be capable of constructing homes from cob, a cheap and readily available material.

See Project Poster: Printing Houses in Auroville, India

Student Experience

“I loved ETHOS and everything about it. It combined my passions: adventure, engineering, service, travel, culture, growth, and energy all into one amazing summer… My ETHOS experience provided me this glimpse into a life that I want to have – a life of engineering and service abroad.”– Andrea Mott, 2017 ETHOS Participant

“Growing in practical wisdom was one of the biggest effects from this whole experience... India made me think quicker about a practical solution and how to quickly navigate myself in cultural environments. ”– Grant Ross, 2017 ETHOS Participant

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