Auroville, India

Auroville, located near the Union Territory Puducherry, has been home for ETHOS students since 2012. Auroville consists of an international community with hundreds of nationalities, which was founded on the beliefs of human unity and sustainable practices. Due to grid power instability and a rise in energy usage, India is starting to rely on alternative renewable energy. ETHOS students worked with Minvayu, a company who develops, produces and teaches the construction and maintenance of small, low-wind functioning turbines for people living in rural India. Also, the students worked with Cynergy, a company that uses its Wattmon data logging device for energy conservation applications. 


In the summer of 2014, ETHOS students worked on design and development of a wind turbine test bench for Minvayu. The test bench was required to test and track the efficiency of handmade generators used in the construction of wind turbines. In 2014, the students designed and built a fully operational test bench. Future work will include implementing the test bench for usage on wind turbines, leading to an increase in turbine efficiency. The other main project was the installation of several Wattmons to analyze seven different types of solar photovoltaics arrays for Auroville. Installation of the Wattmons has allowed users to have a better understanding for their energy usage. Ultimately, the students' work with Cynergy will provide for less reliance on the electrical grid. 

Project Poster: Wind Turbine Efficiency


“The time I spent in Auroville far exceeded any and all expectations I had for the summer. Meeting and working with people from around the world and seeing what their collaborative efforts could accomplish was awe inspiring. I am incredibly grateful to have had the experience.”

– Josh Norwood, 2014 ETHOS participant, India

“Auroville, India provided a very interesting and diverse place to work as it is a town settled by people from all over the world that have come to live in this one place. There was a strong entrepreneurship attitude in Auroville and everyone was very passionate and enjoyed what they did for a living. This diversity and passionate work ethics inspired me while I worked alongside Aurovillians for the summer, and I hope to bring this same attitude into my engineering work in the US.”

- Katrina Staker, 2014 ETHOS participant, Auroville India

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