Bangalore, India

Colton spent his summer in Bangalore, India working on a hybrid ultra-capacitor solar system due to large costs associated with oversizing batteries to compensate for system inefficiencies. The primary goal of this system is to both reduce the system’s size and to increase its performance on overcast days.

Project Highlight: Hybrid Ultra-Capacitors

Over the 2017 summer, an immersion was held to Bangalore, India to work with the Selco Foundation for an electrical engineering internship. The primary focus of this internship dealt with the analysis and improvement of the hybrid ultra-capacitor (HUC) solar system. The systems were implemented with two different battery types, lead acid as well as lithium ion battery integrations. Through data analysis of over 30 locations' inputs, several modifications were made to the existing systems to better capture the HUC’s characteristics and to confirm its correct performance. In addition, an efficiency test was implemented to analyze the efficiency of the Mesha HUC charge controller. 

See Project Poster:  Hybrid Ultra-Capacitors

Student experience

“ETHOS is life changing. It’s about taking off the veil of western society from our eyes, and seeing the true potential we have to make a difference. The necessity to make a difference. That new found potential resonates across every aspect of your life, shaping your decisions and goals. The true feeling is indescribable. But the best I can do to describe it is positivity, drive, and a new found appreciation of reflection.” – Colton Foster, 2017 ETHOS Participant

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