Bangalore, India

Scott and Trevor spent their summer in Bangalore, where they worked on various projects including a solar powered aeroponics system. As a water efficient form of farming, this system can combat the issues of lack of proper access to electricity as well as India’s current, severe drought.

Project Highlight: Energy Auditing

The ETHOS program sent a team of two students to Bangalore, India to work with The SELCO Foundation which is an energy access company that creates financial and engineering innovations for underserved communities. The team worked on various projects including a solar powered aeroponics system.  At the completion of the program the team had designed, constructed, and tested a functioning prototype.

See Project Poster: Solar Powered Aeroponics System in Bangalore, India

Student experience

"Through this experience, I feel that I have been able to grow as a person and as a member of the world. I now understand the culture and traditions of India and have learned a great deal from the people that I worked with and talked to. They were able to teach me how to accept tradition and how to be proud of my up-bringing... ETHOS has given me the building blocks to continue this learning and I now have the strong desire to continue to grow a a person and show others the differences in the world." -Trevor Havrilka, ETHOS 2016 Participant

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