Chilumba, Malawi

Megan and Reed traveled to one of the least developed areas of Malawi to assist in a high school building design. Partnering with Determined to Develop, a non-profit in the Karonga area, they assisted in surveying the area and created 3D modeling of the designed buildings for construction.

project highlight: high school building

Malawi is often regarded as one of, if not the, poorest countries in the world. Reed and Megan traveled to one of the least developed areas of Malawi; the Karonga District. An issue that plagues the region, and the country as a whole, is the lack of access to secondary education. Determined to Develop, a non-profit in the Karonga area, has create an initiative that plans to address this issue, by building a new multi-school campus. The campus will include a boys high school, girls high school, and a technical college.  The 110 acre lot that will be the locations on the schools, was surveyed this summer to assist in the planning process. In addition,  numerous buildings were  modeled  in  3 dimensional software. From those 3D models, detailed technical drawings were created. 

See Project Poster: Wasambo High School – Determined to Develop – Malawi

student experience

"It was an incredible experience to be able to use my engineering skills and value those skills of local Malawians to be able to work together to reach for a common goal.  Even though I couldn't personally see the effects of my project, knowing that it's a part of a bigger picture and will create a huge impact on the education in Malawi is breathtaking.  I wouldn't trade my experience for anything, definitely life changing." - Megan Timmerman, 2016 ETHOS Participant

“I stepped out of my comfort zones and formed real relationships with many people… We had to lean on the help of individuals from the local community a huge amount… It was a great experiencing having to learn new things and find my way.” – Reed Kaiser, 2016 ETHOS Participant

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