Cochabamba, Bolivia

Caroline, Thomas, and Alana spent their summer in Cochabamba, Bolivia with CONSES and CECAM as their partners. Caroline and Alana worked with CONSES to both improve marketing and organization and to improve the process for using dry urine-diverting toilets. Thomas worked with CECAM to create a prototype for a bike washing machine to help alleviate time spent washing clothes.

project highlights: Composting Toilets and Cochabamba Pedal Project

The purpose of the composting toilet work was to improve upon the usage process of dry, urine-diverting toilets. Although CONSES had in place a basic method to eliminate pathogens in human feces using a solar oven followed by composting the pathogen-free product, the overall process was time-consuming and the compost piles attracted pests. The project with CECAM aimed at creating pedal-powered machines to ease the living conditions of people with wide-ranging needs or disabilities. Specifically, the task of washing and drying clothes is a significant burden in Bolivia due to the scarcity of resources including electricity and clean water.

See Project Poster: Composting Toilets

See Project Poster:  Composting Toilets in Cochabamaba, Bolivia

See Project Poster:  Cochabamba Pedal Project

student experience

“My ETHOS experience was a very transforming and educational experience. Bolivia offered a whole new perspective on international living and traveling... Living in another country offered even more perspective on how the vast and differing the world is.”  – Caroline Stockglausner, 2017 ETHOS Participant

“During my time on my ETHOS technical immersion, I learned more about myself and my work than I ever imagined I would. I encountered many challenges that pushed me to learn and grow. Personally, I feel strongly impacted by the standard of living that many people live with in Bolivia as well as by the resilience that many Bolivians exhibit.” – Thomas Devine, 2017 ETHOS Participant

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