Summer 2014 Projects

From an island in the West Indies to the warm heart of Africa, our students were all over the world this summer working with our partners. Check out where our students were located and what projects they worked on.


Partner: Solar Alternatives and Associated Programs (SAAP)

Jose, Aaron, and Matthew traveled to the northern part of India to continue work on a solar adsorption refrigeration project. The project's goal was to provide enough cooling to keep vaccines from spoiling during blackouts in rural India. 


Partners: Auroville Consulting, Minvayu, Wattmon

In the southern Indian town of Auroville, Clay, Josh, Marcy, Katrina, and Yicong (not pictured) worked on energy consultation and wind turbine construction. 

Project Poster: Renewable Energy in Auroville, India

Project Poster: Wind Turbine Efficiency


Partner: Grupo Fenix

This summer, Henry and Ryan spent their time in the hills of Sabana Grande to work with our long-standing community partner, Grupo Fenix. One of their projects for this summer was focused on installing a drip irrigation system for the local garden. 

Project Poster: Drip Irrigation System


Partner: Community Partner

In a small village of 1000 residents outside of Palin, Guatemala, Ivan, Colleen, Chris, and Kyle (not pictured) designed both a water collection system for the community and a surgery center in the community. 

Project Poster: Water Systems in El Cortijo


Partner: Dominica Manufacturer's Association

This small island in the West Indies was home to Zakariye, Thomas, Mariana, and Gabriel for the summer. Dominica gave the students opportunities to explore several projects including coconut oil production, sustainable agriculture and local entrepreneurship.

Project Poster: Virgin Coconut Oil Extraction


Partner: CECAM Bolivia

Bolivia has been an ETHOS site for many years. But this year, our students traveled to a new location, Cochabamba, to work with CECAM. Craig, Brian, and Kathleen worked on a few projects including a rocket oven designed for baking bread. 

Project Poster: ETHOS Rocket Oven


Partner: Nkong Hilltop

Katy, Jose, Alyssa, and Chinedum (not pictured) were located in the city of Lebialem, Cameroon this summer to construct and install biosand filters. Biosand filters use a biological layer grown in the filter to clean dirty water. 

Project Poster: Biosand Water Filters in Buea, Cameroon


Partner: Burn Design

Within the U.S., Michael worked with Burn Design Lab on the west coast as they designed and tested clean burning, energy efficient stoves for several developing nations around the world.

Project Poster: Stick Fed Rocket Stove Testing


Partner: MAEVE

Lilongwe was a new location for ETHOS this summer. Raphaella, Eric, Jasmine, Kristin (not pictured), and Juliana (not pictured) focused on stove technologies and biomass energy. 

Project Poster: Gasifier Stove and Renewable Biomass Fuel

Project Poster: Carbon Finance and Stove Implementation

Project Poster: VSBK Extrusion Implementation

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