Durban, South Africa

Aidan and Daniel traveled to Durban, South Africa to work for Rocket Works, spending the summer improving CNC machines such as wood/metal routers and plasma cutters for the manufacturing side of the company and used them to manufacture products for various clientele.

project highlight: CNC Machining in Durban, South Africa

RocketWorks is a company that designs and sells fuel-efficient, clean burning rocket stoves to NGO’s for distribution to communities in need. The ETHOS students' main projects included designing and building an attachment to a plasma cutter that would allow the torch to detect the height of the cutting surface before each cut, designing plates, templates, clamps, and custom T-nuts needed for milling brake pads with a metal milling CNC machine, and cutting rear floor panels for the Volkswagen Polo.

See Project Poster: CNC Machining in Durban, South Africa

student experience

“My immersion in South Africa exposed me to a unique world of culture, struggle, and hope that I never could have experienced by staying in Dayton. I have never learned so much in a 10-week period about engineering, but more importantly, about myself. The skills and friendships I developed over the summer will stay with me for the rest of my life.” – Dan Lenz, 2017 ETHOS Participant

“I headed into South Africa ready to experience and learn about a new culture while applying my engineering skills and abilities toward the betterment of the communities I would come into contact with. What I left with was a profound appreciation for a culture that comes from the other side of the world and how I can take from it and incorporate aspects of it into my own life, something that would have never happened without the ETHOS program.” – Aidan Grace, 2017 ETHOS Participant

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