Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Saehan and Thomas worked and lived in a youth ranch located in a small village of Guatemala working for an organization of troubled children that have been left behind by family and the court system. Their projects focused on the construction of kitchen expansion and a rainwater collection system.

Project highlight: rainwater collection

The ETHOS team traveled to Huehuetenango, Guatemala for 10 weeks during the summer of 2016, where they worked and lived in a youth ranch located in the village of Chinaca. Finca Juvenil is a working boys ranch that houses around 20-25 boys that come from abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Mark Wakefield, working through Zona Juvenil Youth Organization, is the primary caregiver, and creates a positive home environment for these troubled children that have been left behind by the court system and family. The team contributed to many different projects for Finca Juvenil, but the main two projects they focused on were construction on a kitchen expansion with underground rainwater collection tanks, and a rainwater collection system connecting various buildings owned by the ranch. 

See Project Poster: Rainwater Collection in Huehuetenango, Guatemala

student experience

"The ETHOS program taught me how to think outside the box, and how to adapt to unique technical situations using the available resources and materials. I built long-lasting relationships with people in many countries and have learned about cultural sensitivity and appropriate technology first hand by living and integrating into various communities worldwide. The changes in worldview and personal growth I experienced through the ETHOS program are some of the most valuable lessons I learned throughout my time at the University of Dayton." - Saehan Lenzen, 2016 ETHOS Participant

“During the immersion, I worked on following two personal learning outcomes to have a successful experience in Guatemala. These two outcomes were to integrate and challenge myself on the project. I felt with these two outcomes in mind, I enriched my life and discovered possible opportunities I can use with my engineering during my experience on the ETHOS immersion.”- Thomas Jimenez Nickerson, 2016 ETHOS Participant 

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