Kumba, Cameroon

Paige, Daniela, and David traveled to Cameroon to work on and improve the existing water system and investigate expanding the system to include a community-scale biosand water filter. 

project highlight: water systems

  • Paige, Daniela, and David continued work on a project started by previous ETHOS Center students. The ETHOS Center has had students travel to Mbo Barombi, Cameroon in 2007 and 2008 to install a water pipeline, in 2013 to construct point-of-use water filters, in 2016 to perform a road survey. The 2017 team explored a community-scale biosand water filtration system because of its benefits: 1) It does not require electrical power or a pump; 2) Filtering materials are sand and gravel, which are globally available; 3) It cleans water of debris and pathogens using the biolayer, a naturally occurring living filter; and 4) One large filter is easier to maintain than each house having its own filter.

See Project Poster:  ETHOS Immersion Trip to Mbo Barombi, Cameroon

Student experiences

“During my summer of working, living, and traveling in Cameroon with the University of Dayton ETHOS program, I was exposed to cultures and places that I have never experienced before.  This was my first time leaving the United States and it was an extremely rewarding experience both from an intercultural as well as an engineering perspective.  The ETHOS experience is something I value greatly and I think about it every day - I highly encourage engineering students or potential students to participate in this transformative opportunity.” – David Ramsey, 2017 ETHOS Participant

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