Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Gina, Hannah, and Lauren traveled to Matagalpa, Nicaragua to build a ramp for improving the transport of recycled materials.

project highlight: Recycling Center Ramp & Water Bottle Globe

  •  The recycling center at Familias Especiales needed a way to transport heavy bags full of recycled material down a long hill and desired a decoration/symbol to represent their work and sustainable mission. Partnering with Global Glimpse to provided funding to complete the projects, the group of ETHOS students was able to create both the ramp and the mission symbol.

See Project Poster: Recycling Center Ramp & Water Bottle Globe

student experience

“The education and enrichment I experienced through my ETHOS Immersion to Matagalpa impacted me far more than I expected. Working in a third-world setting alongside people with disabilities has deepened my perspective of the world. Although I grew tremendously as an engineer, many of the things I learned had nothing to do with engineering. They had everything to do with life, love, solidarity, collaboration, diversity, faith, respect, and freedom.” – Lauren Rivera, 2017 ETHOS Participant

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