Mysore, India

Sarah and Eric traveled to Mysore, India to work on two different projects including improving solar dryer technology and soil analysis to benefit the farming community.

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT: Collapsible Solar Food Dryer

The Organization for the Development of People (ODP) is an NGO which serves the social needs of the people in the Diocese of Mysore in India. In addition to the many social services that ODP offers, it has a fledgling Research and Development program. Eric McGill went to ODP to work within their R&D program to investigate and design a device to help ODP’s beneficiaries in the future.

See Project Poster: Collapsible Solar Food Dryer

Project Highlight: Soil Health Analysis

India is an incredibly diverse country from the religions practiced to the food eaten.  Mysore, Karnataka is a city about the size of Dayton, Ohio and located in a slightly more rural environment.  This summer, Sarah worked with ODP by creating a document to aid in the soil management practices of farmers.  The document is currently written in English and will need to be translated to the local language, Kannada, before being fully utilized by the farmers.  

See Project Poster: Soil Health Analysis


“Going on an ETHOS immersion in Mysore, India in summer 2017 exposed me to new ideas and world views. I met many wonderful people, saw many beautiful sights, and learned how to live in a different way for 12 weeks. I enjoyed my time in India, and it was the adventure of a lifetime.” –Eric McGill, 2017 ETHOS Participant

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