Mysore, India

Rob and Maria traveled to Mysore, India and partnered with a local NGO to develop a technology that would improve the livelihoods of the ODP’s target population. They worked under ODP’s sustainable agriculture and natural resource management sectors to develop technology for small farmers.


A team of two engineers traveled to Mysore, India arriving in the early summer of 2016 and staying for ten weeks. The engineers partnered with The Organization for the Development of the People (ODP), a local non-governmental organization to develop a technology that would improve the livelihoods of the ODP’s target population. After researching the needs of the population as well as holding meetings with the leadership of ODP the engineers decided to create a passive solar dryer capable of drying and thus preserving a variety of fruits and vegetables. The technology was designed to be accessible to a small rural farmer, as fluctuations in crop prices, especially those of banana, have forced many farmers into debt. The dryer would allow the farmers to still profit off of their crops even when the market price is low or in situations where they are unable to get it to market. Using local materials, a prototype dryer was constructed by the engineers and preliminary testing was completed.

See Project Poster: ETHOS Mysore 2016


“My ETHOS experience was absolutely the most challenging and eye opening experience of my life. It exposed me to cultures and social issues that I had never considered or thought about which strengthened and allowed me to not only grow as an engineer, but a human being.” – Maria Czerwonka, 2016 ETHOS Participant 

"Over my past two ETHOS immersions in both Malawi and India I was able to meet so many amazing people and make some great friends. The experiences have showed me that yes, I can use my skills to make a positive impact. Working in Mysore opened my eyes to a completely different culture and way of doing things. While working with ODP I was able to visit some of the remote villages in their working area and really get to connect with the people and understand the challenges faced by them. While it was challenging at times it was extremely rewarding and I would not trade the experience for anything." – Robert Greene, 2016 ETHOS Participant 

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