Patna, India

Claudia and Katie traveled to the northern part of India to continue work on a solar adsorption refrigeration project. They redesigned and simplified ethanol-carbon STAR system by using locally available and affordable materials. The project's goal was to provide enough cooling to keep vaccines from spoiling during blackouts in rural India.

project highlight: solar refrigeration

A Solar Thermal Adsorptive Refrigeration (STAR) system was designed, tested, and constructed in Patna, Bihar in northern India. The non-government organization partner, Solar Alternatives and Associated Programmes (SAAP) provided the workshop, tools and local expertise. Ethanol and carbon are the working adsorption pair in the STAR system. The refrigeration effect occurs when the system is under vacuum, -30 in Hg for optimal performance; therefore, sealing methods were thoroughly researched and tested to ensure vacuum proof connections. The best performing sealing method was inserting non-threaded pressure gauges and valves into heated and remolded CPVC piping. Asian Paints knife putty, a locally sourced material, was the external sealant. A test system held a vacuum of -27 in Hg for four weeks until it was dissembled to be used in the final design.  

See Project Poster: Solar Thermal Adsorptive Refrigeration

student experience

"The most unique aspect of ETHOS that separates it from other engineering service programs is the focus on a working partnership and the use of appropriate technology. Rather than entering with a mindset to "help people by using my college education or monetary gifts", ETHOS inspires a mindset to build a relationship by learning and working with the local people." - Katie Willard, 2016 ETHOS Participant 

"The whole ETHOS Immersion was full of lessons, challenges, and opportunities to build life-long relationships with people across the world. Besides my personal growth and development of intellectual skills, one of the main things that I got out of this technical service trip is that every person, even if completely different than you, is still a human being that deserves to be respected and valued." - Claudia Labrador Rached, 2016 ETHOS Participant

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