Patna, India

Joshua and Ryan traveled to Patna, India to create a complete Solar Thermal Adsorption Refrigeration system using copper pipe, copper soldering, and thread-less valves with the least amount of threaded connections and working on future developments such as phase change material, magnetic internal valves, and specific adsorption rates.

project highlight: Solar Thermal Adsorption Refrigeration

The purpose of this project was to improve the design, function, and efficiency of the Solar Thermal Adsorptive Refrigeration (STAR) system. Existing prototypes in Patna are unable to hold a sufficient vacuum or create any sufficient cooling effect. Through a redesign of previous prototypes and the utilization of copper components and soldering methods, an improved prototype was created. This prototype is capable of holding a significant vacuum and creating a cooling effect.

See Project Poster: Solar Thermal Adsorptive Refrigeration

student experience

“ETHOS is so much more than just another internship. Over the summer, I not only managed a full scale engineering project from start to finish, but also became fully immersed in the most beautifully chaotic country in the world, India. From drinking tea on a crowded train, to backpacking the Himalayas with Sikh Pilgrims, I have brought back with me an experience and outlook I will never forget.” –Ryan Sara, 2017 ETHOS Participant

“Spending the summer in India with the Jesuits was one of the most life-changing experiences I have had in my engineering career. The opportunity to serve others through engineering while living and adopting a completely new culture is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It challenged me in so many beneficial ways that I came out a completely different person, confident in my vocation as an engineering student and aware that humanitarian engineering is my passion.”  - Joshua Romo, 2017 ETHOS Participant

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