Sabana Grande, Nicaragua

Molly and Colin traveled to Sabana Grande, Nicaragua to work on composting latrines. With their project at its beginning stages, they focused on educating the community by hosting meetings and conducting home surveys to determine the best sanitation solution for the region. 

project highlight: biodigestor and sanitation

This summer the group traveled to Sabana Grande, Nicaragua. The group worked with Grupo Fenix, the non-profit organization in the community. Grupo Fenix has been in the community for over 10 years and their main mission is to promote sustainable practices. Sabana Grande is located in northern Nicaragua in the Totogalpa region. Totogalpa is one of the poorest regions of Nicaragua, many families have no access to electricity and running water.

Grupo Fenix has been very successful in the community thus far. The organization has helped implement solar panels, improved ovens and solar cookers into the community. The project that the UD group worked on this summer is the next project that Grupo Fenix wants to implement, that project is composting latrines. Composting latrines are a very sustainable way to deal with human waste. The project is at its beginning stages so the group focused a lot on educating the community by hosting meetings and conducting home surveys. The group surveyed a total of 409 homes and the data collected is going to be made into a GIS map for Grupo Fenix. 

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student experience

"My ETHOS experience taught me to think with a global perspective. I learned that I am stronger and more independent than I ever thought I was. My view of the world and myself is changed for the better." – Mary Boyajian, 2016 ETHOS Participant 

"I came into ETHOS really thinking I was going to change the world and make it a better place for people to live.  After my ETHOS experience I realized it had changed how I view and live in this world." – Colin Joern, 2016 ETHOS Participant

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