Roseau, Dominica

Olivia, Boone, Megan, and Claire traveled to Dominica and worked on two different projects. Olivia and Boone improved the current process for manufacturing fruit chips and coconut oil, improved record-keeping, researched new recipes for soap and shampoo bars, and designed a business brochure. Megan and Claire increased efficiency in production by making equipment investment recommendations, creating a reporting system, and designed and built a solar dryer to reduce production costs.

project highlight: Manufacturing in Dominica

Dominica Manufacturing Association (DMA) works with small businesses owners and their manufacturing processes. Olivia Hauser and Boone Treitz were placed in Castle Bruce, Dominica, and paired with Bannis Farm Products (BFP) and Eazee Side Cassava. For BFP, the team helped refine a current soap recipe and gather information on possible equipment upgrades. For Eazee Side, the team helped modify and improve their cassava grinder.

See Project Poster: Manufacturing in Dominica

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT: Local Food Manufacturing

The team rotated mainly between manufacturers – Graceson John of Big G’s Pepper Sauce in Delicés, Dominica and Linvor Ambo of Choco Dominique in Dublanc, Dominica. While in Delicés, the team worked with Graceson to increase efficiency in production by making equipment investment recommendations to complete his newly constructed factory and by creating a guide to help his business become HACCP certified so that the market could expand internationally as production increases.  While in Dublanc, the team worked with Linvor to increase efficiency in production by creating a factory design complete with recommended processing equipment and designed and constructed a solar dryer for cocoa beans to reduce the cost of production.

See Project Poster: Local Food Manufacturing

student experience

“My ETHOS immersion was definitely not what I expected it to be. I was challenged in ways I never even imagined, and I was forced to grow not just in my engineering knowledge but in almost all aspects of life. My experience with ETHOS was most definitely a defining component of my college career and I have no doubt that I will continue to carry the lessons I learned during my immersion with me for the rest of my life.” – Claire Shannon, 2017 ETHOS Participant

"Upon arrival to Dominica I was not sure what to expect from this ten week ETHOS immersion, but I found out shortly that this would be the most impact learning experience in which I have ever participated during my college experience. The people I met and worked with taught me different ways to think about adapting to changes and working around everyday challenges.  As an undergraduate mechanical engineer, I highly suggest to embark on this ten week journey because you definitely learn a lot.” - Boone Treitz, 2017 ETHOS Participant

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