spring weekend BREAKOUT

Blue Rock Station (BRS) is a sustainable homestead in Philo, Ohio, focusing on simplicity and treading lightly on the earth. Weekends at BRS will allow students the opportunity to experience life in a more sustainable way through work, learning, and meals. This breakout session is focused on the role of sustainability in the future of engineering. Join us for a unique and informative experience on alternative building techniques, appropriate technology, and sustainable living.

Dates: TBD (Departure at 3:30 p.m.) (Return at 12:00 noon)

Location: Blue Rock Station, Philo, Ohio

Eligibility: All engineering students are eligible to participate.

Cost: $90/ student (includes transportation, meals, & accommodations)

Students attending breakout will

  • Learn about composting human waste, water collection, and how energy is consumed
  • Learn how to perform load analysis and sizing for solar generators and arrays
  • Build a solar generator
  • Participate in a tiny house project by discussing plans for building infrastructure
  • Be exposed to other renewable and sustainable technologies at Blue Rock Station
  • Participate in a series of discussions on ideas and values in sustainable living

Fall weekend breakout

Big Laurel Learning Center is a traditional mountain community that inspires celebration, education, and volunteerism as tools to promote healing and social change. Big Laurel offers educational service opportunities that teach about Appalachian culture, environmental sustainability, and the effects of coal mining on the region. The ETHOS Center will be sponsoring this weekend trip as an opportunity for students to engage with the learning center.

Where: Big Laurel Learning Center, Kermit, West Virginia

Cost: $90 Per Student (meals and accommodation included)

Dates: TBD

Contact Us

The ETHOS Center, Dr. Malcolm Daniels, Director

Kettering Lab 201 
300 College Park 
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0222