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Events from E-Week 2016

Nicolas Carducci: E-Week 2016 Innovation Challenge Winner!

Congratulations, Nicolas Carducci, 2nd year mechanical engineering student, as the 1st place winner of E-Week 2016 Innovation Challenge for your design for the supermarket of the future: "All in One," which is a fully integrated food management app. In addition to tracking personal nutrition, it also tracks home food inventory and helps plan meals via online recipes. This automatically generates a shopping list, which increases home food inventory and depletes it as your recipes are made.

The Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering: E-Week 2016 Department Winner!

CME the Winners! The Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering won the overall department competition. You can visit OrgSync and Twitter for final results. Congratulations to all engineering students, faculty and staff who participated, learned and enjoyed during E-Week 2016!

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