All the Water in the World

Lesson 3: All the Water in the World

s.t.e.m. Career Connections
  • Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Scientist
S.T.E.M. Disciplines
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Non-s.t.e.m. Disciplines
  • English Language Arts

In Africa, two out of five people do not have clean water. With much of Africa’s water contaminated, many people struggle to stay healthy, go to school/work, grow food, and build houses. The villagers do not have a lot of money or materials available to them, so it is a challenge for them to find a low-cost, simple way to clean their water. Your students know that a source for clean water would help solve these problems and improve the lives of thousands of people. The students decide to plan a trip to an African village and help.

The student's challenge before leaving for Africa is to design, build, and test a filtration system that could be used to remove harmful pollutants/contaminants from water.  It is important in this task to conserve the clean water. 
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