Tiny Stitches

Lesson 8: Tiny Stitches

s.t.e.m. Career Connections
  • Health Sciences, Biomedical Engineering
S.T.E.M. Disciplines
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Non-s.t.e.m. Disciplines
  • English Language Arts
Students imagine having a friend that has a farm with pet goats, and one of the goats has eaten something that they should not have eaten. Goats eat the weirdest things!  The goat cannot digest the funny thing it ate, so it must be removed from its stomach.

The student's challenge is to build a surgical instrument that can safely remove an unwanted object from a goat’s stomach. You cannot hurt the goat or damage the object. The dominoes will represent the goat’s stomach, so be careful not to hurt the goat by knocking over the dominoes.
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