Camp Highlights

Parents/guardians may purchase tickets to attend the graduation breakfast on Friday. Information on how to purchase reservations will be included in the final registration packet mailed in May.

Example of Camp Schedule (PDF)

Social Activities

Get to know women from across the country as you socialize during evening activities or while swimming and using the campus recreation center.

Experiments in Engineering

Build it, try it, test it! This is the most popular camp module. Guided by University faculty, you'll discover what distinguishes engineering disciplines through past modules, which may include the following:

  • Developing a bath oil, determining a target market and meeting client specifications.
  • Using injection molding to make key chains from new and recycled plastics.
  • Learning how nano particles differ from regular particles.
  • Building structures to withstand earthquakes.
  • Programing robots to start and stop movement with the sound of a clap.
  • Designing a prosthetic leg for a dog.
  • Designing a pulse monitor to mimic heart beat with an LED flashing light; soldering parts on to a circuit board.
Innovation Modules

Fun and challenging modules, such as:

  • Wide-area surveillance — control a robot through human brain signals — UD Vision Lab
  • Merlin Flight Simulator — learn about designing and testing aircraft —UD Flight Simulator
  • Appropriate technology — improve the living conditions of a village in Bolivia —  UD The ETHOS Center
Dinner with an Engineer

How have you used your degree? Do you like what you're doing? Enjoy a comfortable sit-down dinner with an engineer, ask questions, and hear from professional women engineers who are open, willing to share, and ready to encourage.

Day with Industry

See for yourself! Leave campus and spend a day with an industry, depending on the industry — shadow an engineer, tour a plant or observe a process.

Graduation Breakfast

The program will conclude with a graduation breakfast. You'll be asked to share your activities with your parents. Certificates are presented and a fun camp-week photo presentation is viewed.


Women in Engineering Summer Camp, Laura Bistrek, Executive Director

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0255