Investigate at Nanoscale

In 2004, the Nanophotonics Fabrication Laboratory was built with grants from the University of Dayton and the Ohio Third Frontier project. Nanoscale components research for telecommunications and infrared applications for commercial, military, safety and security purposes is conducted.

Central innovation: Concept to market.

RF/DC Plasma Sputter Deposition System
Torr Electron Beam Evaporator
Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
Vapor Prime / Image Reversal Vacuum Oven
Megasonic Cleaning
Plasma Cleaning and Surface Activation
Mask Aligner
Spin Coater
Spray Developer
Deep-UV Laser Interference Lithography
Rapid Thermal Annealing
Contact bake station
Gravity Convection Oven
Substrate Bonding / Nano-Imprint
Polishing / Wafer Thinning
Stylus Profiler
Transmission / Reflection Spectrum
Horizontal Microscope
Optical Microscope


Electro-Optics Graduate Program

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