Russell C. Hardie


Dr. Russell C. Hardie graduated Magna Cum Laude from Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1988 with a B.S. degree in Engineering Science. He obtained an M.S. and a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Delaware in 1990 and 1992, respectively. Dr. Hardie served as a Senior Scientist at Earth Satellite Corporation (Now MDA Federal) in Maryland prior to his appointment at the University of Dayton in 1993. He is currently a full professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and holds a joint appointment with the Electro-Optics Graduate Program. 

In 2006, Dr. Hardie received the University of Dayton’s top university-wide teaching award, the Alumni Award in Teaching, presented in the name of the Alumni Association. Along with several collaborators, Dr. Hardie received the Rudolf Kingslake Medal and Prize from SPIE in 1998 for work on multi-frame image resolution enhancement algorithms.  In 1999, he received the School of Engineering Award of Excellence in Teaching at the University of Dayton. He received the first annual Professor of the Year Award in 2002 from the student chapter of the IEEE at the University of Dayton and the Engineering Professor of the Year Award, from Epsilon Delta Tau in 1997.  

Dr. Hardie's research interests include a wide range of topics in the area of digital signal and image processing. His focus has been in the area of signal and image restoration and enhancement. This includes developing innovative algorithms for overcoming limitations of non-ideal sensors through post-processing. He is also active in the areas of pattern recognition, hyperspectral image processing and medical image processing. Hyperspectral image processing work includes anomaly detection, change detection, material identification and image fusion. The medical image processing research has focused on the detection, segmentation and analysis of pulmonary nodules from computed tomography images and chest radiographs.



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