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Russell C. Hardie

Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Program Director; Professor


Email: Russell C. Hardie

Phone: 937-229-3178

Full-Time Faculty
School of Engineering: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Postdoctoral Researchers

Ph.D. Students

M.S. Students

Recent Ph.D. Graduates

  1. Barry Karch, “Improved Super-Resolution Methods for Division-of-Focal-Plane Systems in Complex and Constrained Imaging Applications," University of Dayton, May 2015 (Electrical Engineering).
  2. Khaled Mohamed Ahmied Mohamed, "A Collaborative Adaptive Wiener Filter for Image Restoration and Multi-Frame Super-Resolution,"University of Dayton, May 2015 (Electrical Engineering).
  3. Bernard Olushola Abayowa, "Automatic Registration of Optical Aerial Imagery to a LiDAR Point Cloud for Generation of Large Scale City ModelsUniversity of Dayton, December 2013 (Electrical Engineering).
  4. Timothy Tuinstra, “An artificial neural network approach to the segmentation of pulmonary nodules in computed tomography imagery," University of Dayton, December 2008 (Electrical Engineering).
  5. Doug Droege, “A MAP Estimator for Simultaneous Super-Resolution and Detector Nonuniformity Correction," University of Dayton, May 2008 (Electrical Engineering).

Recent M.S. Graduates

  1. Michael A. Rucci, "Computationally Efficient Video Restoration for Nyquist Sampled Imaging Sensors Combining and Affine-Motion Based Temporal Kalman Filter and Adaptive Wiener Filter," University of Dayton, May 2014 (Electrical Engineering).
  2. Iman Namroud, "An Analysis of Aliasing and Image Restoration Performance for Digital Imaging Systems," University of Dayton, May 2013 (Electrical Engineering).
  3. Barath Narayanan, "Multiframe Super Resolution with JPEG2000 Compressed images," University of Dayton, May 2013 (Electrical Engineering).
  4. Brandon Brys, "Image Restoration in the Presence of Bad Pixels," University of Dayton, December 2010 (Electrical Engineering).

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