UD-UDRI Fellowship Program


*Faculty applications accepted from March 18-22, 2019*

Good News: We have opened a 2nd call for UD-UDRI Research Fellowship applications!

The UD/UDRI Summer Research Fellowship program matches School of Engineering faculty with UDRI researchers with the goal of expanding areas of research that are fundable by outside parties. Faculty lend their expertise while learning more about UDRI’s research, capabilities and personnel. This program, which enables formal collaboration, should lead to joint proposals between UD and UDRI as well as help build networks between UD and UDRI.


  • January 22, 2019 – Deadline for faculty applications
  • Spring 2019 – Matching of UD faculty to UDRI Statements of Need
  • April 2019 – Partnership announcements are made
  • May-Aug 2019 – Fellowship program officially commences
  • September 2019 – RECAP session to discuss research and conclude fellowship

Fellowship Types

  1. Faculty Fellowship (1-15 years of typical professional experience) — 1 to 1.5 months, full-time. (dependent upon professional experience, to be determined by selection committee)
  2. Senior Faculty Fellowship (15+ years professional experience) — 1 day per week during summer. $1000 honorarium, with $5000 honorarium if a proposal is submitted at the end of the summer.


Click here to go to our Google Form for more details and application for the UD-UDRI Research Fellowship program.


Please direct your questions to Bob Wilkens, Associate Dean of Research and Innovation.

Congratulations 2019 Fellowship Recipients

  • Amy Doll (UD) and Jessica Orr (UDRI) – Process Monitoring of Direct Metal Laser Metal (DMLM) Additive Manufacturing. 
  • Keigo Hirakawa (UD) and Vicki Kramb (UDRI) – Multi-Modal Image and Signal Processing for Damage Assessment
  • Raúl Ordóñez (UD) and Zhenhua Jiang (UDRI) – Theory and Applications of Real-Time, Adaptable Autonomy Kernel (RT-AAK)


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