Vice President
Beth Keyes
Vice President of Facilities Management
Russ Potyrala
Associate Vice President
Contracted Services
Wes Napier
Manager of Contracted Services & Customer Service
Energy and Sustainability
Steve Kendig
Executive Director Energy Utilization & Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Health and Safety / Risk Management
Robin Oldfield
Katherine Cleaver
Associate Director
Brian Rudduck
Assistant Director Environmental Health & Life Safety
Event Scheduling
James Shaw
Director of Real Estate & Property Management
Brian Coulter
Executive Director Landscape Maintenance, Horticultural & Contracted Services
Rob Eichenauer
Assistant Director Grounds
Andy Robillard
Handscape Manager
Terry Gotthardt
Director Operations
Jim Mullins
Assistant Director Operations
Thomas Cook
Manager Electrical Systems & Preventative Maintenance
Jerry Duncan
Assistant Director Plumbing, Steam Systems and Stockroom
Planning and Construction Management
David Schmidt
Assistant Vice President Planning & Construction Management
Residential Properties
Bruce Bullman
Director Residential Properties
Dearlyn Rosenfelder
Associate Director Maintenance Operations/Logistics
Judy Caruso
Assistant Director Residential Properties Operations
Andrew Rowe
Access Control Manager