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2010 Fire Prevention Week (posted on October 30, 2010)

2010 Fire Extinguisher Training During Fire Prevention Week

The first week of October is designated as fire prevention week.  This week marks the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire of October 8-9, 1871 that burnt out of control for several days and killed more than 250 people, left 100,000 homeless and destroyed more than 17,000 buildings.

In order to increase fire safety awareness, UD's EHS/RM annually partners with Silco, the Dayton Fire Department, Residential Properties, the UD Neighborhood Fellows and Residence Life to host fire prevention events on campus.

On Monday, October 4th, EHS/RM along with Silco conducted fire extinguisher training in the plaza outside of Kennedy Union.  Students along with staff learned about the different types of fire extinguishers and practiced hands-on fire extinguisher training to put out a live fire.

Knowing and practicing how to safety operate a fire extinguisher is the first defense in saving property and lives. 

In addition, on Tuesday October 5th, EHS along with the Dayton Fire Department set-up a "smoke out" event that gave students a chance to learn about the dangers of fire and how to protect themselves, ask questions, check out new technologies used by the fire department and go through a building filled with simulated smoke.  This year the UD neighborhood fellows prepared 234 Stonemill Road as the "Smokeout 2010" event that concluded with food and beverages.

Escaping a house fire can be difficult when thick smoke limits your vision.  Because most fires occur at night, occupants are often disoriented due to sleepiness or panic, making the escape more difficult.  


For actions students can take to prevent fires and promote fire safety and other information please check out the FIRE SAFETY page. 

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