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2011 News and Events

2011 Fire Prevention Week (posted on September 29, 2011)

Neighborhood Smoke-out and Fire Extinguisher Training

The first part of October is designated as fire prevention week.  This year fire prevention week runs from October 9-15.  Historically, this week marks the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire of October 8-9, 1871 that burnt out of control for several days and killed more than 250 people, left 100,000 homeless and destroyed more than 17,000 buildings.

In order to increase fire safety awareness, UD's EHS/RM annually partners with Silco, the Dayton Fire Department, Residential Properties, the UD Neighborhood Fellows and Residence Life to host fire prevention events on campus.

This year, activities will include a live demonstration smoke-out where students can learn first hand about the dangers of fire and how to protect themselves, ask questions, check out new technologies used by the fire department and go through a building filled with simulated smoke.  This event will take place at 6 PM October 12th at 323 Stonemill Road.

Then on Thursday, October 13th, EHS/RM along with Silco Fire Protection will host live fire extinguisher training from 11am - 1pm in KU plaza.  Stop by to practice your hands-on use of an extinguisher in response to a live fire. 

Emergency Evacuation Postings (posted on March 8, 2011)

The University has started to install emergency evacuation postings in buildings around campus.  This is a pilot project that will be reviewed for implementation throughout campus.

Laboratory Signage Program (posted on March 1, 2011)

As you walk around Kettering Labs and some of the other buildings on campus you may have taken notice of new room signs being installed outside the entrances to laboratories, shops, etc.  Among other things, these signs contain important information regarding whom to contact in case of an emergency and provide a list of hazards within the room for students, visitors and first responders.

Go to ROOM SIGNAGE PROGRAM to read more information about the program and/or to submit an online request form.  Entrance signs are installed by Facilies Management and are free of charge. 

MSDS Online (posted on February 22, 2011)

EHS/RM is sponsoring a new electronic program for searching for and documenting material safety data sheets (MSDS).  According to OSHA, every facility that stores or uses hazardous chemicals must ensure that employers have adequate access to MSDS (find regulation).  Traditionally, this was accomplished by each facility having and maintaining a binder with paper copies of MSDS for all the chemicals in their possession.  EHS/RM now has a contract with MSDS Online and is testing a new system for maintaining, viewing and searching for MSDS's via an electronic system.


A pilot program to see how the software works is currently being tested.  If you would like more information or would like to get involved in the project please submit an online comment form or contact Mark Fuchs or Katherine Cleaver at 229-4503.

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