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* 1: Continuous basic respect and care for health & safety and the environment constitute the starting point for prudent practices in the laboratory.
* 2. Labeling, signage, and managing material safety data sheets play a key role in proper hazard communication within the laboratory.
* 3. A disorderly lab can lead to an increase in accidents, chemical spills, and can hinder the response of emergency personnel.
* 4: Open toe shoes and sandals are permitted in the laboratory.
* 5. Chemical containers in the laboratory need not be labeled if they are used for less than one day.
* 6. It is not necessary to understand the chemical properties of waste to determine if it is hazardous.
* 7. A safety data sheet (SDS) or material safety data sheet (MSDS) will provide an emergency responder with important information such as the first aid measures, fire fighting measures and proper steps to take with spills.
* 8. Specific procedures for cleaning-up spills depends on the amount of material spilled, location, degree of toxicity and level of training the individual has.
* 9. Proper protective equipment is not necessary when working in the lab.
* 10. Only people who use hazardous materials (chemicals, infectious diseases, radioactive materials, etc.) need laboratory specific training.
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