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* 1. There are two types of respirators: air-purifying and supplied air respirators.
* 2. Air purifying respirators work best in oxygen-deficient atmospheres.
* 3. You are required to be fit tested annually.
* 4. Your respirator must be clean, sanitary and in good working order prior to use.
* 5. The selection of N- (for Not resistant to oil), R- (for Resistant to oil) and P- (for oil Proof) series filters depends on the presence or absence of oil particles?
* 6. Employees who have facial hair or any condition that interferes with the face-to-facepiece seal or valve function can wear a respirator.
* 7. Contaminants enter the body through the skin the fastest.
* 8. Sunlight does not affect the respirator storage.
* 9. A dust mask offers the same protection as a respirator and can generally be used in place of a respirator.
* 10. An oxygen deficient atmosphere occurs anytime the oxygen content falls below 19.5% by volume.
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