Lockout / Tagout (LOTO) Safety Program

Lockout is the preferred method of isolating machines or equipments from energy sources. To assist employers in developing a procedure which meets the requirements of the standard, however, the following simple procedure is provided for use in both lockout and tagout programs. This procedure may be used when there are a limited number or types of machines or equipment, or when there is a single power source. For more complex systems, supervisors and the Environmental Safety Office will address each procedure as needed.

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Appropriate employees shall be instructed on the significance of the lockout (or tagout) procedure. Each new or transferred affected employee and other employees whose work operations are or may be in the area shall be instructed on the purpose and use of the lockout or tagout procedure. (Name(s)/Job Title(s) of affected employees and how to notify).

This program establishes the minimum requirements for the lockout or tagout of energy isolating devices. It shall be used to ensure that the machine or equipment is isolated from all potentially hazardous energy and locked out or tagged out before employees perform any servicing or maintenance activities where the unexpected energization, start-up or release of stored energy could cause injury.


All University of Dayton employees whose duty may involve  servicing or repairing equipment with hazardous energy must take LOTO online training.

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Worksite assessments can also be conducted to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control hazards associated with workplace tasks.  Please contact Katherine Cleaver at 937-229-4503 (x94503) to set-up an evaluation.

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