Reporting Property Damage

Personal Property:

Please note that personal items that have been damaged while housed in a University building or University-owned vehicle are not covered by the University's insurance policy. We recommend that you file a claim with your personal property insurance policy.

Property owned by the University of Dayton:

Claims regarding the damage of University-owned property will be reviewed by the University of Dayton's Insurance Review Committee in order to determine the coverage that may apply. In all cases, coverage applies to the replacement of an item(s). If the item is not to be replaced, a reimbursement or payment will not be authorized. 

Cases of property damage most often result due to storms, building system failures, accidents or vandalism. In order to initiate an insurance claim through EHS/RM for University property damage, first call UD Public Safety at 937 229 2121 to file a police report. Then contact EHS/RM at 937 229 4503 and you will be instructed to provide an email statement including additional information pertinent to the claim review.  EHS/RM will investigate the cause and assist you through the recovery process. It is important to report the damaged property as soon as possible and especially prior to replacing the property since photographs of the damaged items, preserving the scene, and timely reporting are essential to successful claim reporting and recovery.

In addition to taking photographs, we will instruct you to obtain replacement costs and provide estimate copies to EHS/RM for the claim file.  In most circumstances, the department is responsible for replacing the item with department funds and then once the reimbursement is determined and approved, a reimbursement will be deposited to your account.  Cause and origin of the damage will determine whether or not the department will be charged a deductible.