Reporting Property Theft

Personal Property:

Please note that personal items that have been stolen from a University building or University-insured vehicle are not covered by the University's insurance policy. We recommend that you file a claim with your personal property insurance policy.

Property owned by the University of Dayton:

Claims regarding the theft of University-owned property will be reviewed by the University of Dayton's Insurance Review Committee in order to determine the amount of reimbursement coverage that will apply. In all cases, the coverage applies to replacement of an item(s) with a $1,000 deductible to the department. If the item is not to be replaced, a reimbursement or payment will not be authorized. 

In order to initiate an insurance claim through EHS/RM for University property theft, first call UD Public Safety at 937 229 2121 to file a police report. Then contact EHS/RM at 937 229 4503 and you will be instructed to provide an email statement including additional information pertinent to the claim review.  EHS/RM will assist you through the claim process. We will instruct you to obtain replacement costs and provide estimates to EHS/RM for the claim file.  The department is responsible for replacing the item with department funds and then once the reimbursement is determined and approved, a reimbursement will be deposited to your account after the deductible.

Important Info regarding Computer Theft or Lost:

If there is a theft or lost computer, laptop, mobile device (phone, tablets) or removable media (flash drives, CD/DVDs, external hard drives) whether UD owned or personal, hosting any of the information listed below, it is important to contact Dean Halter, UDit Risk Management Officer, at 937 229 4387 immediately.

HIPAA - Protected Health Information 
Patient Names 
Street address, city, county, zip code 
Dates (except year) for dates related to an individual 
Telephone/Facsimile numbers 
E-mail, URLs, & IP #'s 
Social security numbers 
Account/Medical record #'s 
Health plan beneficiary numbers 
Certificate/license #'s 
Vehicle identification & serial #'s 
Device identification & serial #'s 
Biometric identifiers 
Full face images 
Any other unique identifying number, characteristic, or code 
Payment Guarantor's information 

FERPA - Student Records 
Grades / Transcripts 
Class lists or enrollment information 
Student Financial Services information 
Athletics or department recruiting information 
Credit Card Numbers 
Bank Account Numbers 
Wire Transfer information 
Payment History 
Financial Aid / Grant information / Loans 
Student Tuition Bills 

Donor Information 
Graduating Class & Degree(s) 
Credit Card Numbers 
Bank Account Numbers 
Social Security Numbers 
Amount/what donated 
Telephone/Facsimile numbers 
E-Mail, URLs 
Employment information 
Family information (spouse(s) / children / grandchildren) 
Medical History 

Faculty/Staff Housing 
Name / Spouse 
Credit rating / history 
Income levels and sources, etc. 
Loan application data 

Research Information 
Private funding information 
Human subject information 
Lab animal care information 

General Information 
Confidential legal information 

Employee Information 
Performance reviews 
Worker's compensation or disability claims 
Name in association with: 
Social Security Number 
Salary or payroll information 
Bank account number 
Date of birth 
Home address or personal contact information 
Driver's license number 
Benefits information 

Business data 
Credit card numbers with/without expiration dates 
Bank or brokerage account numbers 
Purchasing card (P-card) numbers 
Social Security or other Taxpayer ID numbers 
Privileged contract information 

Management data 
Detailed annual budget information 
Faculty Annual Conflict of Interest Disclosures 
University's investment information 
Non-anonymous faculty course evaluations 

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