Recycling and Waste

Recycling and Waste

Our Contractor, Rumpke Inc. provides comprehensive collection and disposal services to the University of Dayton. All recyclable items should be placed in the containers labeled COMMINGLE ITEMS. Commingled materials are removed from campus and sorted at Rumpke's recycling facility.

All non-recyclable waste items removed from offices, classrooms or food service areas are to be deposited in containers labeled Trash.

Our recycling education and promotion effort is showing results. Recyclable material removed from campus increased from 263 tons in 2005 to 419 tons in 2007.  This represents a 59% increase ion recycling from 2005 to 2007 and a 212 ton reduction in trash sent to the landfill.


UD composts food and organic wastes through the composting program of Dining Services.  All food waste and disposable products like cups, napkins, cutlery, plates, lids straws and more are composted.  Most of this material is transported to a commercial compost facility; however some is processed in Ecovim machines in Kennedy Union.  The Ecovim machines remove liquid from the food waste and reduce it in volume by up to 90%.  The resulting output is mixed with landscaping waste and mulch, and is used on campus grounds. 

Recycling in the Neighborhood

For a large portion of the Student Neighborhood, the City of Dayton handles collection of trash and recyclables. The City of Dayton, like UD, is serious about keeping unnecessary waste out of the landfills and reusing all available resources. It is for this reason that the City now accepts the following materials for recycling in the large blue roll off containers provided to neighborhood houses:

  • Office paper, newspaper, magazines and other paper items
  • Plastic Bottles #1 and #2
  • Aluminum and metal food cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Cardboard and paperboard

Please note that these are the only items that should go in your blue recycling bin. Please rinse all food containers and remove and discard all caps and lids. Also, please leave your blue recycling bins at least five feet from your trash container on the scheduled pickup day.

Some houses use dumpsters for waste disposal.  Please place the above items in dumpsters labeled COMMINGLE ONLY, and all other waste in trash dumpsters. 

To report a missing blue recycling bin, please enter a workorder.


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