Lean Improvement Initiative

To support the ongoing effort of continuously improving the student experience, the University of Dayton has launched a campus-wide Lean Improvement Initiative. Campus President Dan Curran, Ph.D. had the vision that Lean Improvement would help our University to remain competitive by engaging employees, using data to solve problems and relentlessly focusing on students.

Bolstered by Dr. Curran’s vision, Andrew Horner was named UD’s Executive Sponsor. The goal is to work with each of the UD operational areas to achieve continuous 10% product and quality improvements.  

What's in it for me?

Improving the UD Experience

Sounds good . . . but what does that mean to you as an employee at UD? At the heart of the initiative is the belief that the best ideas come from those closest to the process. Every employee gets frustrated with problems within their departments. People want to experience joy and satisfaction in their work. The intent of the Improvement Initiative is to give contributors a voice, an opportunity to be part of the solution and improve the overall experience for students, staff and faculty.


"94% of failures are due to the system, 6% are due to the worker."

Dr. W. Edwards Deming

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