Door Access

All residence halls on campus as well as a number of academic and administrative buildings require the use of the FlyerCard to enter the building during off hours. The FlyerCard has a RFID or proximity chip inside that can be read remotely by a proximity reader.  The card can only be read by a reader and does not broadcast any information.

Classes and labs with schedules entered in Ad Astra will have their doors unlock 15 minutes before class starts and lock 15 minutes after the class ends.  Meetings and events scheduled in Ad Astra will have their doors unlock at the start of the event and lock at the end.  

Faculty will have access to their classrooms the first day of the term and will lose access on the last day of the term. If access is needed outside of the regular semester, the department administrator should contact to request access.


  • If door access is needed, please contact the individual in your area who is authorized to grant access.  They will send an email to requesting access for you.

  • Grad Assistants must be registered for classes or else fill out the "Graduate Student Certification Form" each semester in order to have door access privileges. This form is found under the Graduate School Tab on Porches.

  • If a card is lost or stolen, report it to Card Services at 937-229-2456 immediately or log on to MY ACCOUNT, choose the "Patron/Card Information" link and mark your card lost. In the evening or on a weekend, lost or stolen cards may be reported to any Dining Services manager or supervisor.

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