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University Payment Policies

Change an Account Number on a Purchase Order or Check Request - To request a change, please complete the Request for Change form found on the resources page and submit via e-mail to

How does a payment request (check) differ from a purchase order - A purchase order (PO) is a legal document, "Contract," issued by the buyer to the supplier, indicating specifications, quantities, prices and agreed terms and conditions. The form payment request is used for after-the-fact purchases when the item and invoice are in hand. Invoices should be attached to the payment request so Accounts Payable can process payment request. Only one invoice can be processed per payment request.

The University requests that suppliers send invoices referencing a purchase order directly to Accounts Payable. Invoices submitted via the Supplier Portal will be processed upon receipt and is the preferred invoice method.  Mailed invoices will be scanned into Runway within 3 business days of receipt.

On the Runway shopping home page all purchase orders, payment requests, and non-travel employee reimbursements will be routed through the Runway e-Procurement system. The Runway tab can be found under the HR Connections tab on Porches, Contact Runway support via email or by phone at 937-229-2641. 

Procedures for Check Pick-up


The following procedures apply to checks that are requested to be returned to a department for special handling by that department.

  • Checks that are requested to be returned to the department must be noted when the payment is submitted for processing to Accounts Payable (following current procedures.)
  • Checks flagged for return to the department will be printed by JP Morgan Chase and sent via overnight delivery to the Cashiers Office.
  • Checks must be picked up at the Cashiers Office, located in the Office of Student Accounts Saint Marys Hall room 108. To pick up a check, the check must be signed for by the requester or another pre-designated individual; a valid University ID will be required to pick up a check. The Cashiers Office will NOT mail or deliver checks to departments.
  • Mailing of payment to the vendor will be the responsibility of the department. 
  • The costs to return checks to the University and the department include additional staff time and overnight delivery fees. After a short transitional grace period, effective February 1st, 2017, any department requiring special handling for a check will be charged a $35 special handling fee per check.
  • After a short transitional grace period, all additional special handling costs will be passed along to the requesting department. ACH direct deposit is the University's preferred method for payment to all University payees. This method is the lowest cost payment method for the University and is the most efficient way to ensure that payees are paid in an accurate and timely manner. To find out how to enroll your vendor in ACH direct deposit, please contact Procurement & Payable's Services at or have your vendor contact

Invoice Approval

The University requests that suppliers send invoices referencing a purchase order directly to Accounts Payable. Invoices submitted via the Supplier Portal will be processed upon receipt and is the preferred invoice method. Mailed invoices will be scanned into Runway within 3 business days of receipt. If invoices are not mailed directly to Accounts Payable, payment delays could occur. The University requires approval by the proper authority based upon the expenditure levels within the delegation of authority policy, here, to commit the University to any agreement (contract or PO). Likewise, the University requires the approval of invoices over $1,000, or when an invoice exceeds the PO by 10%, prior to processing the payment. Prior to approving the invoice, departments are responsible for ensuring:

  • All purchases and corresponding invoices are charged against the correct project fund, and charges are appropriate and allowable for payment of goods or services in accordance with the applicable funding source; 
  • Expenses must be for a valid business purpose;
  • Goods or services have been procured in accordance with University procurement policies; Purchasing Policy.
  • Goods and/or services have been received;
  • Transactions include complete and accurate supporting documentation;
  • Transactions bear proper account codes.

Departments are expected to process the invoice (i.e. approve or return the invoice to Accounts Payable) within 5 business days of receiving the invoice to ensure timeliness of payment. Â

Employee Expense Reimbursement

Employee Expense Reimbursements - All employee reimbursements for travel and other expenses will be deposited directly into your primary account currently being used for your payroll direct deposit.

  • Non-travel Reimbursement Requests: Use Runway Employee Reimbursement
  • Travel and Entertainment Request:  Use the T&E Form and send via Campus Mail to Shirley Mahoney at River Campus +7024. An email confirmation will be sent to your University address when the funds have been disbursed.

The University of Dayton is exempt from Ohio State sales tax. When making a reimbursable purchase, submit a tax exempt form to the vendor. This form can be obtained by clicking here.  If an employee pays a vendor Ohio sales tax, they will not be reimbursed. Please contact Accounts Payable (937-229-3646) if you have any questions.

Terms of Payment Policies

Payment Methods:

The University has several payment methods available to suppliers including ACH/EFT, ePayables, paper checks and wire transfers. ACH/EFT and ePayables are the preferred methods of payment to suppliers, as both are automated. This is also part of our campus-wide effort to reduce paper waste and decrease the amount of time to pay our suppliers. Wires should only be used in exceptional circumstances such as foreign payments and real estate transactions.

What is ePayables?  With ePayables, once an invoice is approved for payment an electronic remittance advice will be sent to the supplier by email or fax, instead of a check. The remittance advice email will include statement-type information such as invoice numbers, dates and amounts for invoices. Payments can be retrieved with UD's designated account number that will be assigned to the supplier. The current procedures for invoicing, as well as any UD contacts, remain the same.

The University of Dayton's terms for payment are as follows:

#1 - 2% 10, Net 30 ACH: Payment to Supplier in 10 days and provides early payment discount.  

#2 - ePayables: A single-use credit card number is emailed one business day after invoice approval enabling our suppliers to get paid as fast as possible.  JP Morgan secure email enables information security and peace of mind.

#3 - Net 30 Check or ACH: If suppliers are unable to provide early payment discount or process credit cards, the University standard payment terms are Net 30.

Payment Policy for Equipment

Equipment invoices are processed for payment when all invoices have been received by Accounts Payable and equipment has been received by the department. There are no partial payments on equipment purchases. After all invoices are received they are sent to Property Records so that the equipment can be tagged with a bar code. When the equipment has been tagged, the invoice will then be paid. Property Records will get in touch through Runway with the department for approval. In order to ensure prompt payment, please respond to Property Records email notifications in a timely fashion.


Sales Tax Exemption:  

The University is tax exempt for most purchases.  Before a purchase is made, the vendor should be informed of the University’s tax exempt status. Tax will not be reimbursed unless Accounts Payable determines it to be valid.   “Blanket Certificate of Exemption” form is available from Procurement and Payable Services, here

The University tax exempt purchases apply in: 

  • Georgia --  Certain purchases only, Contact Accounts Payable for details.
  • Florida
  • New Mexico -- Goods Only, Goods subject to sales tax.
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Texas -- Not exempt from hotel taxes
  • Utah -- Certain purchases only, Contact Accounts Payable for details.

 Tax ID# for a Vendor

Tax identification number is needed whenever a vendor provides service (as opposed to goods or merchandise) to the University. The vendor will be responsible and required to provide this information in Runway during the vendor enrollment process.

 Other Taxable payments

Other taxable payments include any payment for gifts; such as flowers, gift certificates, fruit baskets, etc., payments for prizes and awards. Please refer to information and instructions on how to process these payments


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