Interested Suppliers

Interested Suppliers


University of Dayton is committed to providing suppliers with information that is key to success.  


The University of Dayton requires all suppliers to complete an online supplier registration process. Once the registration process is completed, the supplier becomes an approved Runway Supplier.  This process allows the University to collect required business and tax information that support the University’s reporting and compliance requirements including but not limited to IRS W-9 and W-8 forms, insurance certifications, and supplier diversity information.  

Suppliers who have not registered and/or are not approved by the University should not be used until they have registered and been approved by the University.  Departments interested in working with a supplier should verify that the intended supplier for purchase or contract is registered and approved prior to the issuance of a PO to that supplier, or a contract with that supplier is executed.  Because the e-procurement system is relatively new (effective November 2016), vendors with a long history with the University were transitioned into Runway as part of the cutover.  As information changes, suppliers can login to modify their profile within the Supplier Portal.  If you forgot your login information, please contact us at

If you are a business interested in partnering with or supplying to the University of Dayton, please go to the University of Dayton Supplier Portal page to create an account.  The registration process takes about 20 minutes to complete and requires key information including contact information, company addresses, business classifications and W-9 forms.  The W-9 form can be created within the supplier portal or uploaded.  


The University of Dayton requires suppliers performing onsite services for the University to maintain appropriate insurance coverage and employee background checks.  To view the minimum insurance requirements, refer to University of Dayton Minimum Insurance reference document.  During the registration process, suppliers will be prompted to add insurance information if the supplier confirms that they will be providing services on campus.  At times, University of Dayton Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) can grant exceptions to the insurance requirement.  More information is shared in the supplier portal registration process.   


UD Procurement tracks spending for business classifications including but not limited to Ohio EDGE, SBE, MBE, WBE, Veteran and local spend (within a range of ~100 zip codes.) 


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