Registered/Approved Supplier

Registered/Approved Suppliers


All suppliers (and other University payees) can manage information within the Supplier Portal.  As your information changes, suppliers can log in to modify your profile within the Supplier Portal.  In addition to maintaining profile information, suppliers can view active POs and invoice status online.  For more information or if you forgot your logon information, please contact us at  


The commercial relationship, i.e. negotiation of terms and conditions, between the University and any supplier is the primary responsibility of Procurement and Payable Services.  The University is seeking to standardize payment terms across all suppliers to the following:

  1. 2% 10, Net 30 ACH: Wherever possible, the University seeks to earn early payment discounts.  
  2. ePayable: UD accepts credit card payment through our new ePayable program (effective 3/1/17).  This is a single use credit card program where suppliers receive immediate payment.    
  3. Net 30: Where early payment discount or credit card payment method are not possible, the University will pay using check or ACH Net 30.


Decisions are made based on a number of factors.   Each decision may call for these factors to be weighed differently.  Suppliers may not expect to receive a share of University purchases simply because they are Alumni, closely related to the University, or provide past or future favors to the University. Each supplier must justify his/her continued status as a valued supplier based on current competitive prices and service considerations


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