Supplier Code of Ethical Conduct

Supplier Code of Ethical Conduct

Supplier Standard of Behavior

The University of Dayton’s suppliers will recognize and act in accordance with the Catholic and Marianist standards of honesty, dignity, and respect.   Suppliers agree not to engage in any conduct in violation of any state or federal statute, regulation or ordinance, conduct involving moral turpitude; conduct in violation of the University’s policies; or any other conduct that is inconsistent with, embarrassing to or destructive to the University’s identity as a Catholic and Marianist institution. 

Faculty, staff and students representing the University of Dayton are advised to decline personal gifts or gratuities above a nominal value.  If such gifts are received, they become the property of the University.  Business lunches are acceptable provided the purpose is to promote efficiency and save time for all persons involved.  If frequent lunches are required, recepients should periodically pay the cost on an equitable basis.  If an invitation to a vendor's facility is extended to the University for the purpose of purchase or contract maintenance, Procurement and Payable Services requests to be included.  An email can be sent to for the appropriate buyer contact information.

Vendors should not expect to receive a share of University purchases simply because they are Alumni, closely related to the University or portent past or future favors to the University.  Each vendor much justify his/her continued status as a valued supplier based on current competitive value, service and/or alignment to University priorities.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Published Standards

All suppliers must comply with applicable laws, codes or regulations of the countries, states and localities in which they operate.  This includes, but is not limited to, laws and regulations relating to environmental, occupational health and safety and labor practices.  In addition, suppliers are expected to require the same from their suppliers (including subcontractors or temporary labor agencies.) 

Campus Appointments

Supplier representatives are welcome by appointment only.  Procurement and Payable Services, along with University schools, colleges and departments, reserves the right to prohibit solicitation at its own discretion.  Suppliers must receive prior authorization from the University to hold on-campus trade shows, exhibits or product demonstrations.  Visitor parking passes should be arranged in advance of your visit to campus.


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